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Once you have decided to go ahead with a Cub Karting event you will need a venue. Because Cub Karts can be operated inside or outside there are many possibilities. In fact, just about the only restrictions are nothing too wet or bumpy. The inflatable track measures approximately 15 metres by 11 metres, and then it is helpful to be able to get all the way around the outsde of it.

These pictures give an idea of the scale of a Cub Karting event.

Picture of outdoor event hosted on grass Picture of indoor event hosted in a sports hall
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Your choice of venue may be dictated by the type of event you are hosting. However, unless you have a large garden it is likely that you will need to hire or borrow a suitable venue. Here are some of the typical locations we use:

  • Village halls
  • Playing fields
  • Sports centres
  • School playgrounds
  • Shopping centres

If you are unable to identify a venue, do give us a call: we have run events in many places and may be able to assist you in finding somewhere suitable.

Where playgrounds have already been marked with a road layout, Cub Karts offer an excellent way of providing early years road safety awareness.

If there is no electricity available we have a generator we can use. For details of our public liability insurance see the Safety page.

Picture showing Cub Karting at an outdoor venue.

Cub Karting in the great outdoors.