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At Cheltenham Cub Karting safety is our number one concern. These are the main safety aspects of the Cub Karts:

  • Smooth controls make the Cub Karts easy to drive.
  • Front, side and rear bumpers; roll bar.
  • Strong brakes.
  • Adjustable cushioned seat; seat belt; padded cockpit.
  • Adjustable speed ranges of 1 - 4 mph or 1 - 6 mph, pre-set to suit each race.
  • Inflatable circuit gently absorbs accidental contacts.

We also put other measures in place to protect the wellbeing of the children and the wider public:

  • Events are fully insured: public liability limit of 5million.
  • All Karts undergo an annual MOT.
  • All operators are fully CRB checked.

At public events, if necessary we can also erect a secondary fence to maintain a distance between spectators and the track. In addition, signs are posted giving details of safety instructions, restrictions for age and height, and details or our insurance cover.

Images showing Cub Kart safety features

Cub Kart safety features:

front bumper (top)
padding and seat belt (middle)
rear/side bumper (bottom)